Free HTML5 CSS3 Checkout Forms

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Free HTML5 CSS3 Checkout Forms

مع انتشار مواقع التجارة الإلكترونية أصبح من الضروري توفير ملحقات لتحسين الديزاين الخاص بهذه المواقع، اليوم نعرض لكم مجموعة من Checkout Forms وهي سلة المشتريات التي تكون موجودة في مواقع البيع والشراء، مثل موقع أمازون وعلي إكسبريس.. 

نماذج من Checkout Forms بإستخدام html5 css3 and jQuery

Shopping Cart Menu Checkout
An excellent display of shopping cart items in navigation menu with a dropdown listing along with a final checkout link. A concept idea for checkout.

Checkout Concepts

Credit Card Form
A basic credit card form for your website payment form with a css, html file.

Credit card validation with card.js
A brilliant validation with great functionality offering perfect validation before submitting the card and user details. The number fields will not accept letter keystrokes and there are many other validation features delivered by using card.js plugin in this form.

Checkout Form
A clean and simple checkout form with credit card fields, submit button and a fancy price badge. All Credit goes to CSSFlow for this beautiful online checkout form which is built with SCSS.

A Sign Up Form with Checkout Plan
Using velocity.js this template will be answer for your payment along with a signup form. Clients will get the benefit to signup and register for a particular service on your website both at the same time.

Demo Download

Shopping Cart Checkout Widget
Another interesting checkout form made for sidebar as use in widgets but you an try it in multiple parts of the website. A dark shopping cart list with pixel-perfect shadows, a shiny checkout button, and glossy image overlays.

CSS Shopping Cart Checkout Basket Details
Animated checkout details in CSS. All the animations has been done with pure CSS3 transitions.  This snippet seems to work properly in Firefox and for me the hover  was not working in chrome.

Demo Download

Checkout Table with Price Slider
This jQuery price slider has a amount and duration period which can be selected for your service with a checkout option.

Demo Download

Shopping Cart
A cart template suited for ecommerce websites which has large amount of orders to be processed and purchased. Uses Zepto, Mustache en Justify Grid. Products can be pulled in as JSON, but in this case hardcoded.

Demo Download

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